Doctor Cha Episode 1 ratings show medical drama off to a solid start

Strong Doctor Cha, Episode 1 ratings bode well for the series

The new medical comedy drama Doctor Cha premiered on JTBC last night in South Korea with a rating that is quite strong for a show that airs on a pay TV network.

According to Nielsen Korea figures, the Doctor Cha, Episode 1 ratings show the drama earned 4.93 percent of the audience nationwide and a higher 5.46 percent in Seoul.

The drama’s second episode aired earlier tonight, and it will be interesting to see once the ratings are released if its numbers are as high as Doctor Cha, Episode 1 ratings and if that solid audience sticks around.

If so, that often tends to bode well for the rest of a drama’s episodes going forward.

What is Doctor Cha?

Doctor Cha stars Uhm Jung Hwa as the aforementioned doctor, along with Kim Byung Chul as her chief surgeon husband, and Myung Se Bin and Min Woo Hyuk.

The drama tells the story of Cha Jung-sook, a housewife who once gave up a promising medical career to support her husband’s.

Now, after 20 years of marriage, she is back to resume her training as a first-year resident, but quite a number of people including her husband aren’t too happy about that.

Doctor Cha airs on JTBC in Korea every Saturday and Sunday nights at 22:30 (KST). It is also airing on Netflix in select regions.

Check out the drama’s official trailer below. One episode in so far, and I have to admit I am hooked.


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