Doctor Slump Ep 4 ratings surge: Nielsen Korea reports soaring popularity of the Korean rom-com

Park Shin Hye in official Doctor Slump still - photo helps illustrate Doctor Slump, Episode 4 ratings rise.
Photo courtesy JTBC

Doctor Slump Episode 4 ratings set new personal record for popular K-drama

New data freshly released by Nielsen Korea unveils Sunday night as a triumph for the Doctor Slump, Episode 4 ratings.

The romantic comedy drama hit a new high in the ratings, capturing 6.7 percent of the nationwide audience share, and marking a significant surge from the 5.07 percent achieved by its previous episode, which aired on Saturday night.

In the country’s capital city of Seoul, Doctor Slump Episode 4 ratings also outperformed the Korean drama’s previous episode, soaring from 5.7 percent of the viewership to a very impressive 7.46 percent tonight.

Doctor Slump still outperforming other dramas on Netflix

Insights from Flix Patrol also indicate the medical-themed romantic comedy is enjoying remarkable success on Netflix, ranking among the most-watched shows on the platform throughout the last week.

Such is its popularity, Doctor Slump is in the Top 10 on Netflix in 37 countries today (Sunday), as well as in the coveted #1 spot in seven of them.

Official data due to be released by the streaming platform this coming Tuesday will also likely show the K-drama has performed similarly well for the last week.

Doctor Slump stars Park Hyung Sik, Park Shin Hye, Yoon Park, and Gong Seong Ha.

The next episode of the popular Korean drama will air/stream on February 10th, which is when we will see if it is able to continue its skyrocketing ratings rise.

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