Family Ep 12 series finale ends on HIGH note in ratings

The Korean spy drama Family, Episode 12 series finale aired last night on tvN in South Korea with ratings that ended the series on a high note.

Those ratings, via Nielsen Korea, show Family, Episode 12 earned 3.23 percent of the audience share nationwide and 3.44 percent in Seoul.

That was an audience share increase of .35 percent above its previous episode nationwide, and an increase of .50 percent in Seoul.

Neither rating got the audience back to the highest numbers the drama earned for its first episode, but they do mean the family spy drama ended on a high note at least.

International viewers of Family: The Unbreakable Bond

Not a highly-watched drama in the west as Family was only available via Disney Plus, a service that recently lost more than 4 million subscribers, the drama has received only average ratings outside South Korea.

On My Drama List, a drama-based website whose viewers tend to be strict in their ratings, Family: An Unbreakable Bond has ended with a 7.7 out of 10 rating.

Many international viewers’ main complaint is that the drama was poorly-written, the plot was a disappointment (too much comedy, unbelievable interactions between main characters, too many plot holes, and an abrupt ending) with much of it still not making sense even as Family, Episode 12 ended.

While some people still say they enjoyed Family, many are also commenting even if there was to be a Season 2, they are not likely to watch.

If you have not yet watched Family, Episode 12, and want to see how it ends, Disney Plus is the only streaming service outside South Korea streaming the spy drama.


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