Filming kissing scene in Crash Course in Romance Episode 10 ends with Jung Kyung Ho and Jeon Do Yeon laughing

I am loving the behind the scenes of Crash Course in Romance videos Korean TV channel tvN is putting out over the last couple of weeks.


The latest video released earlier today, though, is one of the sweetest and cutest.

Not only does it show actor Lee Sang Yi rehearsing for his role as Mr. Popular, the end of the video features the rehearsal for that kissing scene in Crash Course in Romance Episode 19, where Choi Chi Yeol (played by Jung Kyung Ho) is drunk and feverish in bed and Nam Haeng Seon (Jeon Do Yeon) comes to take care of him.

Of course, the actors rehearse the scene showing the way their bodies will move towards each other without actually kissing before the filming begins.

It is just a rehearsal after all.

But, as filming of the kissing scene in Crash Course in Romance Episode 10 starts, the two lead actors begin to kiss as the camera moves around them.

Then as “Cut, okay” is shouted by the director, Jeon Do Yeon pulls back from the kiss and laughs a little embarrassingly.

Jung Kyung Ho also breaks into giggles while lying on the bed and still holding her hand.

A couple of other quick takes from the same scene are then filmed and yep, laughter breaks out again at the end of each one.

Not surprising really though because, as much as you like your co-star and as much chemistry as you both may have when it comes to the characters you play, it must still be a little embarrassing having to kiss them while surrounded by 20 people watching and filming you.

Watch the just released behind the scenes video to check out those cute and funny kissing scenes, and Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho’s reactions to them.

Crash Course in Romance itself is currently airing on tvN in Korea every Saturday and Sunday evenings, as well as streaming outside Korea on Netflix.