Frankly Speaking Ep 12 ends K-drama on lowest rating ever

JTBC drama Frankly Speaking, Episode 12 aired last night, ending the comedy romance drama’s run.

Unfortunately, it also aired to the Korean drama’s lowest rating since it premiered on May 1st.

In fact, numbers from Nielsen Korea show Frankly Speaking, Episode 12 earned just 1.07 percent of the audience share last night versus 1.92 percent for Episode 1.

That rating gave the K-drama an average rating of just 1.44 percent nationwide across all 12 episodes.

A rating that is very low considering the previous drama in the same time slot — Queen of Divorce — ended with an average rating of 5.01 percent after its 12-episode run ended.

Of course, it was not the actors —  the wonderful Go Kyung Pyo and Kang Han Na — who caused the incredibly low viewership of Frankly Speaking throughout its run, as they did an amazing job with the scripts they were given.

The fault was the writing, which began badly with Episode 1 and then deteriorated into an incoherent mess from there.

Whether that was the fault of the writer, or the production company insisting on script editing we will, unfortunately, never know.

Frankly Speaking did initially end up on the Netflix Top 10 Non-English TV Shows chart for two weeks soon after it premiered on the streaming platform — first at #8 then dropping to #10 — before it fell off the following week never to return.

Overall, though, a superb cast was wasted on what turned out to be a messily-written K-drama with no real aim.

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