Han So Hee and Jeon Jong Seo to star in new crime noir drama – 3rd drama of 2024 for both

South Korean entertainment news is reporting today that Han So Hee and Jeon Jong Seo are set to headline the upcoming K-drama tentatively titled Project Y.

According to various sources, Project Y delves into the shadows of Seoul’s Gangnam district, unfurling a noir narrative that traces the audacious aspirations of two friends aiming to abscond with 8 billion won (approximately $5.8 million) in gold bars, while evading all detection.

Steering the ship is director Lee Hwan who, while he began his career as an actor, is more known for dramas Park Hwa Young and Young Adult Matters.

The same studio that produced the recent hit K-drama Parasyte: The Grey — Climax Studio — will be producing.

Jeon Jong Seo and Han So Hee having a busy 2024

With today’s announcement, it also appears 2024 will be a very busy year for both Korean actresses.

Jeon Jong Seo recently filmed the popular drama Wedding Impossible, and is currently set to perform as the main female lead in two dramas in 2024 already — Queen Woo and Bargain, Season 2.

With Project Y also being added to her call sheet, that is now three K-dramas the 29-year-old actress will be acting in this year.

Meanwhile, Han So Hee is equally as busy, as she is filming Part 2 of her hit Netflix drama Gyeongseong Creature, and has also been named as the female lead in the upcoming Han Ji Hoon-written drama Dotgabi.

Principal photography for Project Y is slated to commence in the latter half of 2024.

So yep — busy.

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