Im Se Mi to star with Yoon Kye Sang in sports-themed drama? Here’s what we know so far…

Korean actress Im Se Mi (Wonderful World) is reportedly starring with Yoon Kye Sang (The Kidnapping Day) in the new comedy youth sports drama Try: We Become Miracles (aka 트라이 : 우리는 기적이 된다 in Korean).

According to Korean news media, the SBS drama tells the story of a high school rugby team with Yoon Kye Sang playing the role of Joo Ga Ram, a rugby coach who was a member of the South Korean national rugby team until he had to retire due to a controversy.

Im Se Mi plays his ex-girlfriend and the coach at a sports high school where Yoon Kye Sang has just accepted a job as the new head coach.

The actress’s agency, Noon Company, responded to the news report earlier today simply saying “She is positively considering a role in Try: We Become Miracles“.

Previous roles of Im Se Mi and Yoon Kye Sang

The 37-year-old actress Im Se Mi has had an extensive and very successful acting career over the last two decades.

She is most recently know for her performance in the aforementioned MBC drama Wonderful World, which aired earlier this year.

She has also had lead roles in dramas like The Worst of Evil, Desperate Mr. X, Terius Behind Me, Shopping King Louie and Love on a Rooftop.

As for Yoon Kye Sang, the 45-year-old actor most recently starred in The Kidnapping Day, and has also been lauded for roles in Kiss Sixth Sense, Crime Puzzle, The Good Wife, Last, Beyond the Clouds and The Greatest Love.

Should both actors accept roles in Try: We Become Miracles, they may also be working alongside Kim Yo Han (Our Shining Star), who has also been named as starring in the SBS drama.

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