Kim Yoo Jung #2 on January drama actors brand reputation rankings – due to My Demon and SBS Drama Awards

Kim Yoo Jung in My Demon – photo courtesy SBS

With the January drama actors brand reputation rankings just released by the Korea Business Research Institute, it is nice to see actress Kim Yoo Jung still firmly in the #2 spot just like she was in December.

According to the Institute, after calculations were carried out on the media coverage, interaction, participation and community index data of 50 actors currently starring in dramas, the January drama actors brand reputation rankings had Kim Yoo Jung in the #2 spot behind Korea-Khitan War actor Choi Soo Jung at #1 and ahead of Shin Hye Sun (Welcome to Samdalri) in third place.


The 24-year-old actress was ranked with a reputation index of  2,800,584 in December, while the January rankings saw her with an even higher index of 3,192,557.

Of course, with Kim Yoo Jung’s current hit drama My Demon on the Netflix Top 10 Most-Watched Non-English TV Shows list for the seventh week, and the actress and her co-star Song Kang making waves at the SBS Drama Awards, it isn’t surprising she is ranking on the reputation index so high.

Speaking of the SBS Drama Awards, Kim Yoo Jung also hosted the awards show for the third time on December 29th (alongside Shin Dong Yup), which helped her grab even more exposure.

She also won the Top Excellence Award for an Actress in a Miniseries Romance/Comedy Drama, as well as was half of the pair that won the Best Couple Award alongside Song Kang.

Yes, it appears Kim Yoo Jung’s #2 spot on the January drama actors brand reputation rankings is very well deserved.