Kim Yoon Seok and Yoon Kye Sang to star in ‘In The Woods With No One’? Actors consider offers

Photos: 롯데엔터테인먼트 and ItsNEWKorea (Creative Commons license)

According to Soompi, it appears the two Korean veteran actors Kim Yoon Seok (1987: When The Day Comes) and Yoon Kye Sang (Chocolate) may be starring in an upcoming mystery drama together.

Both actors’ agencies have confirmed they have received offers to star in the drama, and both are positively reviewing them, although no decision has yet been made.

The drama, titled In The Woods With No One, is being directed by Mo Wan Il (A Beautiful Mind, The World of the Married), and tells the story of two men, Sang Joon, who is running a rural motel in the summer of 2000, and Young Ha, who is running a pension in the forest the following summer.

Similar accidents occur to both men, but both choose to make different decisions. As their lives become entangled, however, things become complicated.

With an extensive background in theater, 55-year-old Kim Yoon Seok, of course, is also known for his roles in such superb films as Tazza: The High Rollers, the action thriller The Chaser, the crime drama The Classified File, Escape from Mogadishu, and the supernatural thriller The Priests.

The Korean actor has also starred in hit dramas like Love Me When You Can and, in 2019 directed his first film Another Child.

As for fellow actor Yoon Kye Sang (43-years old), he got his start in the entertainment business as a member of the K-pop band g.o.d., but moved into film just a few years later.

His film appearances include starring roles in Beastie Boys (aka The Moonlight of Seoul), Poongsan, The Outlaws and Spiritwalker.

Yoon Kye Sang has also starred in numerous hit dramas, including The Good Wife, Last, The Greatest Love, Beyond the Clouds and, most recently, Chocolate, as well as in web series Crime Puzzle and Kiss Sixth Sense.

Both actors have been nominated for, and won, various high-level awards, so that they will now likely be co-starring in In The Woods With No One is something to most definitely look forward to.

Especially as it will be the first time the two talented actors have starred in the same drama.

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