Korean drama Divorce Attorney Shin premieres today and, from its first episode, seems promising

The new JTBC drama Divorce Attorney Shin kicked off its first episode today and, if the Korean series carries on in the same vein as its first episode, this could one could be a standout for 2023.


Called 신성한 이혼 in Korea, Divorce Attorney Shin tells the story of Shin Sung Han (played by an almost unrecognizable Cho Seung Woo), an attorney who specializes in divorce.

Not just typical divorces as most of us know of them, but divorces in which he believes he will be able to get the best outcome for his clients.

If he doesn’t believe that is possible, he refuses to take on the case.

In Episode 1, Attorney Shin is asked for help in the divorce of a celebrity who, it appears, was caught having an affair after a leaked sex tape emerged.


Han Hye Jin plays client Lee Seo Jin in Divorce Attorney Shin

The woman Lee Seo Jin (played by Han Hye Jin) does not want anything from the divorce her husband is now demanding, except for custody of her young child.

Something that, due to her affair, is likely to go against her in a court of law.

Alongside Cho Seung Woo and Han Hye Jin, Divorce Attorney Shin stars Kim Sung-kyun, and Jung Moon-sung, who play two men who have been friends with Attorney Shin since the three all went to middle school together.

Divorce Attorney Shin is based on the webtoon Sacred Divorce by Kang Tae Kyung.

It is directed by Lee Jae Hoon (The Ghost Detective and A Beautiful Mind), with scripts by Yoo Young Ah (My Annoying Brother and Thirty-Nine).

The legal drama is currently airing on JTBC and TVING in South Korea, and worldwide via Netflix.


Michelle Topham