Latest Chief Detective 1958 trailer shows craziness of this superb looking crime drama

New high-energy Chief Detective 1958 trailer makes the K-drama look amazing

I have to admit Korean network MBC is doing a great job with its promos for the upcoming crime drama Chief Detective 1958 as, not only have we had releases of several cool posters and stills from the set already, but also a couple of teaser trailers.

Today, with the Korean drama coming out in just a few days, we got another Chief Detective 1958 trailer.

This time, it is over 3 minutes in length, and it makes the new MBC crime drama look amazing.

A 3-minute 22-second Chief Detective 1958 trailer

The latest Chief Detective 1958 trailer is a long one as the Korean network is obviously trying to drum up excitement for the K-drama, which premieres this Friday, April 19th on MBC.

This time, it introduces in much more detail the drama’s four main police officers — Park Young Han (played by Lee Je Hoon), Kim Sang Soon (Lee Dong Hwi), Cho Kyung Hwan (Choi Woo Sung) and Seo Ho Jeong (Yoon Hyun Soo) — as they attempt to stop some of the most corrupt and most evil people in 1950s South Korea from destroying other people’s lives.

The trailer begins, however, with a short appearance by veteran actor Choi Bool Am, who played Park Young Han in the original hit drama series Chief Inspector —¬†which ran from 1971 to 1989 for an astounding 880 episodes.

The current day Chief Detective 1958 is that drama’s sequel.

He is looking back on his life as a police officer, and wondering how he managed to catch the many thieves he did.


Choi Bool Am makes a guest appearance in Chief Detective 1958

As an old man now, he heads to the modern-day police station as the trailer then switches to him first arriving at the station as a young police officer, now played by Lee Je Hoon.

We then meet the three colleagues Park Young Han soon allies himself with back in 1958, as we see some of the situations they find themselves in and how they often deal with them in a crazy, but effective, manner.

If the situation requires it, beating them up, says Park Young Han, is acceptable too.

As the four detectives introduce themselves, we see them beating up suspects, one of them, Seo Ho Jeong, being thrown out of his parents’ house because he has decided to become a police officer, and all of them arriving at a crime scene where there aren’t supposed to be any guns, only to find two men pointing guns at each other.

Throw in Park Young Han threatening to release a bag of 30 poisonous snakes into a room full of crooks and him getting into a fight with a guy brandishing a huge Japanese katana (sword) and, yep, Chief Detective 1958 looks like it will be loads of fun.

Plus, look at that main cast and supporting cast — stellar!

Check out the new 3-minute-plus Chief Detective 1958 trailer below, then make sure you watch the first episode on Friday, followed by the K-drama’s second episode on Saturday.

The 10-episode crime drama will premiere on MBC in South Korea at 21:50 (KST), and then air every Friday and Saturday on the network through May 18th.

For those of us outside South Korea, Disney Plus is streaming it for its international subscribers.


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