New Chief Detective 1958 poster gives a glimpse into the 4 detectives’ personalities

MBC unveils new Chief Detective 1958 poster

MBC has dropped an enticing preview of their much-anticipated upcoming drama, Chief Detective 1958, featuring the formidable quartet of Park Young Han (portrayed by Lee Je Hoon), Kim Sang Soon (Lee Dong Hwi), Cho Kyung Hwan (Choi Woo Sung), and Seo Ho Jeong (Yoon Hyun Soo).

Strolling through 1950s Seoul: A glimpse into Chief Detective 1958

The freshly released Chief Detective 1958 poster features a vibrant picture of its four protagonists navigating the crowd-thronged streets of 1950s Seoul.

The crowds in the background are dressed in 1950s-style clothing, while the drama’s four stars show off their own unique styles that were also apropos back in the day.

Behind them, trams rush past, while old-style signage lines the street, and the atmosphere of the crowd appears laid-back and upbeat.

The poster caption, “An age of savagery, a human drama of true detectives,” sets the tone for the intense narrative we can expect to see ahead, as it hints at how hard these detectives will work as they seek to eradicate the corruption they see all around them.

Even if the cost to themselves is severe.

Guess at the personalities of the four detectives by how they appear in the Chief Detective 1958 poster

Just by looking at how the four have been photographed, it is quite easy to guess at their distinct personalities.

Park Young Han, the embodiment of rural justice, stands tall in his blue suit while, with his hands stuffed casually in his pockets, he also shows how quietly confident he is in his abilities to get things done.

As he is the only one wearing a tie, he is also likely to be the most conservative of the four.

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Beside him stands Kim Sang Soon dressed in a green zipped-up bomber jacket and dark blue pants.

He is the notorious “crazy dog” of Jongnam Police Station. A detective who is so sick of the never-ending corruption, he sometimes loses control.

That all changes when he meets Park Young Han, and realizes if he works together with people that possess similar values, things really may change.

To Park Young Han’s right, Cho Kyung Hwan is dressed in a casual light blue suit and, from his stance, seems to be more open and relaxed than the other two.

He is also a man of marked strength, which is suggested by his bulked up physique.

Finally, elite Seo Ho Jeong in a dress blazer and pants seems happy with what is going on around him.

Maybe it’s because he knows, with these three supporting him, he can finally fulfill his dream of becoming a master investigator

Premiere Date and Streaming Details

Chief Detective 1958 is set to premiere on April 19th on MBC in South Korea, and will air every Friday and Saturday through May 18th.

K-drama enthusiasts can catch all the action exclusively on Disney+.

The MBC period drama promises an enthralling journey into the world of crime-solving in a bygone era.

In other words, it’s one to watch as you’ll see from the high-action trailer below that still hints at some funny comedic moments as well.

Source: NEWSIS


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