New Chief Detective 1958 stills of 4 protagonists showcase their strong characters

In anticipation of the MBC drama’s premiere tomorrow night, four new Chief Detective 1958 character stills have been released of the upcoming Korean drama’s protagonists¬†— played by actors Lee Je Hoon, Lee Dong Hwi, Choi Woo Sung and Yoon Hyun Soo.

All four look as you might expect them to look in the new Chief Detective 1958 stills if you know anything about the characters of the four detectives the new crime drama follows.

The four Chief Detective 1958 detectives and their strong characters

Lee Je Hoon, who plays wonderboy detective Park Young Han is smiling and looking happy with what he sees. His goal in life is to catch and arrest as many criminals as possible, and he’ll do it gleefully and in any way he can. Legal or illegal.

He is also known for being confident in his ability to just “get the job done”.

Lee Dong Hwi, as Kim Sang Soon, is sitting drinking Korean rice wine Maesilju, while looking sulky and annoyed.

He is known for taking his job very seriously, and being relentless in his pursuit of criminals.

He is also known as the police station’s “mad dog”, as he often loses control when things aren’t going his way.

Choi Woo Sung is Cho Kyung Hwan, a police officer with a strong sense of justice, and who is known for both his physical strength, and for being a positive person.

According to Korean news media, Choi Woo Sung took his role in Chief Detective 1958 so seriously, he worked out hard for months, as well as gained 25kg in order to play the role.

In the Cho Kyung Hwan character still, we see him practicing some form of martial art with a big smile on his face.

Finally, we see Yoon Hyun Soo, as elite Seo Ho Jeong. A new detective who is determined to be as successful in his career as the men he looks up to.

Ho Jeong was also kicked out of his family home after his parents discovered he had joined the police force. Hence the sad look on his face.

The new MBC drama premieres tomorrow night in the 21:50 time slot recently vacated by Wonderful World, which ended last Saturday.

Chief Detective 1958 will then air every Friday and Saturday until May 18th, 2024.

Disney Plus is streaming the crime drama for its international subscribers.

Watch the recently released almost-3-minute trailer, as it shows the craziness of what we can expect from this cool looking Korean drama, then head over to MBC or Disney tomorrow night to check it out.

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