Cute Chief Detective 1958 couple poster released of photo Lee Je Hoon carries in his wallet

The new Chief Detective 1958 couple poster shows Lee Je Hoon and Seo Eun Soo holding hands and smiling happily

While the upcoming Korean retro crime drama Chief Detective 1958 is all about rooting out corruption and then destroying it, the detectives involved in the investigations apparently still have time for a personal life.

At least that’s how it seems from the just released, and very cute, Chief Detective 1958 poster showing Detective Park Young Han (Lee Je Hoon) and his girlfriend Lee Hae Joo (Seo Eun Soo) holding hands.

The photograph of the pair has been taken in the bookshop Lee Hae Joo owns, with its old-fashioned displays and dark and dusty appearance, as the couple smile happily into the camera.

If you look closely, the photograph has been folded and unfolded many times, with small creases now scored across its surface.

An outline of a wallet is shown in the bottom right-hand corner.

How long has Park Young Han carried the photo in his wallet? And how long has he been in love with Lee Hae Joo?


New Chief Detective 1958 couple poster featuring Lee Je Hoon and Seo Eun Soo
New Chief Detective 1958 couple poster

According to the Chief Detective 1958 production team, the relationship between the two is quite important to the plot as the message they sent to viewers says:

Please watch the meeting of Lee Je Hoon and Seo Eun Soo, who will bring excitement with the acting and chemistry that are incorporated into the characters themselves.

In this delightful and exhilarating investigative drama, a warm and exciting romance will further enrich the story.

Especially as, when Seo Eun Soo first met Lee Je Hoon, she thought he was some kind of crazy person, only to realize he is one of the most sincere and kindest people she has ever met.

The plot of Chief Detective 1958 

The Korean drama itself follows a group of four detectives headed by Park Young Han, as they work together to bring down those involved in corruption and, in so doing, become police for the people.

The story itself is a prequel taking place almost two decades before the 1970s K-drama Chief Inspector, but follows some parts of the same plot.

That drama is one of the most successful, and longest, ever aired on Korean TV running for 18 years (1971 to 1989) and, at one point, was watched by most of South Korea.

Chief Detective 1958 (aka 수사반장 1958 in South Korea) stars the previously mentioned Lee Je Hoon, alongside Lee Dong Hwi, Choi Woo Sung, Yoon Hyun Soo, and Seo Eun Soo.

The 10-episode K-drama is scheduled to premiere on MBC in South Korea on April 19th, and will run every Friday and Saturday after that through May 18th.

It will also stream on Korean streaming service Wavve, with Disney + carrying Chief Detective 1958 for viewers outside Korea.

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