Lee Junho’s Internet troll found guilty of defamation and fined 3 million won – Yay!

Lee Junho in his latest hit drama — King the Land — photo courtesy JTBC

Lee Junho’s troll got exactly what he/she deserved

Some of the most interesting and most welcome news stories coming out of South Korea in the last few months have been those concerning agencies representing some of the country’s most popular actors and singers suing Internet trolls for defamation.

One of the latest such stories concerns South Korean entertainment agency JYP Entertainment.

An agency who went after an Internet troll recently due to the unnamed person leaving continuous defamatory comments about popular actor and singer Lee Junho, one of the artists JYP Entertainment represents.

Those actions led to the person being found guilty of defamation against the actor this week.

A judgement that also saw the Internet troll being fined 3 million won (approximately $2,343).

In other words, an Internet troll getting exactly what they deserved.

Defamation can be emotionally and financially damaging to an artist

Anyone who follows the South Korean entertainment industry closely, and who reads the comments left on social media by some so-called “fans” of various Korean actors and singers, has seen some of the nasty and plain libelous comments some people leave.

Comments that are not only outright lies but, when those lies are called out by fans who care about the actor or singer being attacked, the person leaving them will often double down and make even nastier and even more defamatory statements.

Of course, many of the people who leave such comments have serious mental health problems themselves.

After all, why would anyone of good moral character make statements they know are lies in an effort to do nothing but potentially damage the career of the person they are targeting.

Even with those mental health issues, however, that does not excuse their behavior, or the emotional and possible financial damage they cause to the artists they target.

That South Korean agencies like JYP Entertainment have now had enough then, and are making it clear they not only went after Lee Junho’s troll but will go after any other troll attacking him or any of the other artists they represent as well, is very welcome news indeed.

In a statement after Lee Junho’s Internet troll was found guilty, that resolve was made very clear by the agency themselves:

We are intensifying the monitoring system and have appointed additional law firms as legal representatives to take stronger action.

Our company will not turn a blind eye to the spreading of baseless false information and malicious posts, and will continue to take firm action without leniency.

That kind of proactive action points out to others who may be thinking of behaving the same way Lee Junho’s Internet troll behaved that they probably shouldn’t.

At least if they don’t want to get sued.

It also likely makes Lee Junho, and other artists like him, feel as though they are being protected by people who care about them as well.

In other words, “Well done” to JYP Entertainment for suing Lee Junho’s Internet troll, and “Keep up the good work” against any other fool attempting to do the same.

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