Love Song for Illusion Ep 3 has lowest rating yet with another drop – international fans still loving it

While the South Korean drama Love Song for Illusion starting its run with promising ratings, those ratings have fallen with the next two episodes.

On Monday night, the second episode of the period drama saw a 1.5 percent drop compared to Episode 1 nationwide (down to 2.8 percent from 4.3 percent).

And now last night, Love Song for Illusion, Episode 3 has experienced another 0.50 percent drop with the drama grabbing just 2.3 percent of the audience share in Korea.

(Sorry, the Seoul ratings are not available, as Nielsen Korea has been experiencing server problems for most of the last two weeks).

One silver lining to the fall, however, is the drama does still have 13 more episodes to air, and things can still turn around in that time.

Love Song for Illusion and overseas audiences

Meanwhile, the KBS2 drama is still performing well outside Korea, where fans are giving it solid ratings on various sites.

On Viki, where it streams in many international regions, Love Song for Illusion is still garnering an exceedingly high 9.6 out of 10, while IMDB users are giving it a high 8.8 out of 10.

On My Drama List, users are rating it lower but that is normal for that site, with the 8.0 out of 10 it has earned so far quite a high rating compared to other sites.

My Drama List users are also commenting favorably on the K-drama, with the only criticism for most being the wigs used in the series are low-quality, and that the production seems to have been cheaply done.

Otherwise, comments talk about how fast-paced the plot has been so far:

I’m enjoying this so far. It’s just dumb fun and moves so fast that it leaves me wanting more.

Others, while also commenting on the cinematography looking low-budget (and it does) are still happy with the drama as a whole:

I am actually liking this, I doubted (it) on episode one because the cinematography looked a little cheap for a period drama, but the plot is a mix of genres which I like, the male lead’s split personalities (are cool) and the female lead is a bad ass even if I feel she is kind of a rookie for a main lead she is (still) pulling it. 

The next episode of Love for Illusion, which stars Park Ji Hoon, Hong Ye Ji, Hwang Hee, and Ji Woo will air on January 15th, 2024.

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