My Dearest Ep 3 ratings RISE to HIGHEST yet as war threatens our Joseon couples

The third episode of the Korean historical drama My Dearest aired on MBC TV last night to slightly higher ratings than its first episode earned.

That means, the ratings for My Dearest, Episode 3 were the drama’s highest rating yet nationwide in South Korea.

Those ratings were 5.5 percent, which is only a .1 percent increase over the first episode of the drama but a marked increase over its second episode, which had dropped to 4.3 percent.

That second episode drop was not surprising as the first episode was quite slow moving and not as interesting as the second, which quickly hinted at massive character development for both main leads going forward.

Especially once an invasion by enemy troops began, and the lives of our Joseon couples are threatened.

No wonder then some viewers did not watch Episode 2 only to be wooed back with Episode 3 when social media commenters began to say how much better Episode 2 was than Episode 1.

In Seoul, My Dearest, Episode 3 garnered very slightly lower ratings than Episode 1 with a 5.3 percent rating compared to Episode 1’s 5.4 percent, but also saw a big increase from Episode 2’s 4.4 percent.

Almost all ratings for My Dearest so far, however, have been higher than all five of the drama series airing in that time slot previously– Fanletter Please, The Forbidden Marriage, Kokdu: Season of Deity, Joseon Attorney and Numbers — which bodes very well for the rest of the 20-episode series.

My Dearest stars Namkoong Min, Ahn Eun Jin, Lee Hak Joo, Lee Da In, and Kim Yun Woo.

The historical drama airs every Friday and Saturday night on MBC at  21:50 (KST) with Viki streaming it in some international regions soon after.


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