Na In Woo leaves Cube – is he joining new agency or starting his own?

South Korean actor Na In Woo’s agency Cube Entertainment has announced the 29-yearold actor has left the agency after being represented by them for 12 years.


In a typical agency statement, Cube Entertainment announced Na In Woo’s official contract with them expired on January 18th via Twitter, and intimated that, after extensive talks, he had chosen not to renew it.

They went on to thank fans for their support of the Korean actor, and to wish him luck with his future endeavours.

As Na In Woo himself was not the person making the announcement, however, we do not yet know if he will be signing with a different agency or if, like many other Korean actors, he will be founding his own agency.

We will let you know when we find out. But fingers crossed Na In Woo founds his own agency as, both financially and career-wise, he is likely to benefit if he does.

Na In Woo’s career is in high drive

Meanwhile, Korean actor Na In Woo’s career has been in high drive over the last couple of years, with main roles in a slew of hit dramas.

Those roles include playing Kang Han Sol in Her Bucket List, On Dal in River Where the Moon Rises, Gong Soo Kwang in Jinxed at First, and a support role in The Golden Spoon.

Last year, Na In Woo was a hit in the Korean drama Longing for You and, this year, he is currently starring in the smash hit K-drama Marry My Husband alongside Park Min Young.

With that kind of resume then, it does not matter if Na In Woo has left Cube Entertainment or whether he will join a new agency or found his own.

After all, he has enough clout in the Korean entertainment agency to do whatever he wants to.

Meanwhile, you can watch Na In Woo in his current hit drama Marry My Husband on Amazon Prime Video.