New Badland Hunters trailer promises high action and lots of fights alongside cool special effects

New Badland Hunters trailer features Ma Dong Seok leading survivors against a crazy doctor

If you are looking for a high-action, violence-filled, quite crazy film that takes place in a dystopian world, Netflix has just the one for you.

Called Badland Hunters, the upcoming South Korean action film stars Ma Dong Seok, Lee Hee Joon, Lee Jun Young, and Roh Jeong Eui.

They play people struggling to survive in a world gone insane after a major earthquake destroys much of society.

The film is directed by Korean actor and martial arts director Heo Myeong Haeng in his feature directorial debut, and is the sequel (somewhat) to the 2023 film Concrete Utopia, but with a completely different cast and director.

New poster for Badland Hunters

What is the plot of Badland Hunters?

The events of the film take place after Concrete Utopia, when any semblance of law and order and, yes, civilization, has collapsed.

The just released Badland Hunters trailer centers on Ma Dong Seok as Nam San, a wasteland hunter and the leader of a ragtag group of survivors who decide to go after Dr. Yang Gi Su (played by Lee Hee Joon).

Dr. Yang is a medical professional who survived the earthquake, but now seems to have set himself up as “the only hope” for society but may, in reality, be quite a bit more evil than he first appears.

The tag line at the end of the Badland Hunters trailer gives us even more of a hint as to the dire situation Nam San and his cohorts find themselves in, and why it is important for their mission to be successful, explaining ‘One Last Hunt to Save Us All’.

Badland Hunters is a Netflix original, which is due to premiere on the streaming platform on January 26th.

The 107 minute film will be available for streaming in 190 countries.

Check out the Badland Hunters trailer below, and add it to your Netflix list if you enjoy what looks like it will be a damned good action film.


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