New Exhuma poster has Choi Min Shik, Kim Go Eun, Yoo Hai Jin, Lee Do Hyun waiting for impending doom

New Exhuma Poster Released: A Sneak Peek into Supernatural Terror

In the wake of recent main character posters for the upcoming Korean horror film Exhuma, alongside an Exhuma trailer, the anticipation for the movie is heading towards its peak as the main Exhuma poster has been released this week. (see below)


Featuring renowned actors Choi Min Shik, Kim Go Eun, Yoo Hai Jin, and Lee Do Hyun, the new Exhuma poster hints at impending doom, with each actor seemingly bracing for an approaching threat.

Accompanied by the cryptic text “Something ominous has arrived,” the expressions of the geomancer (Choi Min Shik), mortician (Yoo Hai Jin), and shamans (Kim Go Eun and Lee Do Hyun), each appearing to see something coming from a different direction, intensify curiosity about the looming danger they will all soon confront.


Exploring Exhuma’s Plot: A Family’s Desperate Struggle Against Evil

Exhuma kicks off with the harrowing tale of a family living in Los Angeles who suddenly find themselves besieged by mysterious events that endanger their newborn child.

Desperate for aid, they turn to shamans Hwa Rim (played by Kim Go Eun) and Bong Gil (Lee Do Hyun), who decide to conduct an exhumation in a remote village in Korea after discovering the spirit of an ancestor is hovering around the family.

The exhumation is carried out by geomancer Sang Deok (Choi Min Shik) and undertaker Yeong Geun (Yoo Hae Jin) but, as you can guess from the Exhuma trailer (watch below), it quickly goes terribly wrong.

Soon the evil entity is unleashed, causing the family and their child and anyone connected to them to be completely at the mercy of the dark force.

The Korean occult film is due to premiere in theaters around South Korea on February 22nd. An international release date has not yet been confirmed.

You can watch the official Exhuma trailer below.

Exhuma at Berlin International Film Festival: Recognition for Korean Horror

The film is directed by “master of horror” director Jang Jae Hyun (The Priests and Svaha: The Sixth Finger), and has been invited to take part in the world-renowned Berlinale — the 74th Berlin International Film Festival.

The Korean film will be viewed in the Forum section of the film festival — an event that is dedicated too showcasing avant garde films, as well as a place that has been set up to discover new talent in the international film industry.

Other Korean films to take part in the Forum section include Snowpiercer (2013), Late Autumn (2011) and A Tale of Two Sisters (2003).


Michelle Topham