New Uncle Samsik poster has main characters pose for photo with mysterious man himself

Uncle Samsik poster gives us first look at main cast of characters

The intriguing looking new K-drama Uncle Samsik premieres on Disney Plus on May 15th, which is why we are now starting to get more Uncle Samsik promotional pieces as that time nears.

Pieces like the just-released Uncle Samsik poster, which is a shot of the K-drama’s main cast of characters — with “Uncle Samsik” himself (played by Song Kang Ho) in the back row second from the right, and the other main and supporting characters lined up/seated around him — all posing for a group photo.

The Korean drama (titled 삼식이 삼촌 in Korean) is tagged as a “historical business” drama, with not much information released about it so far.

From various Korean news media, however, we do know the Uncle Samsik poster shows people from various walks of life — all of whom have either been helped by Uncle Samsik, or who are working alongside him.

New Uncle Samsik poster courtesy Disney+

The Uncle Samsik plot

Again, while we don’t know that much about the plot, it is clearly set in the 1960s after the Korean war, with the plot being described this way:

Uncle Samsik tells the heartwarming story of a man who makes sure to feed his family three meals a day even during the war, and Kim San (played by Byun Yo Han), an elite young man who wants to create a country where everyone can eat well and live well.

Both men begin to work together to fulfill not only their own dreams, but those of others during this time of chaos in Southern Korea history.

The Uncle Samsik trailer

For even more clarification about the Uncle Samsik plot, the recently-released Uncle Samsik trailer starts with a student asking, “Who is Uncle Samsik?” followed by various shouts of “Hey, Samsik,” “Samsik,” and “Uncle Samsik”.

Some of the calls sound happy, while others sound suspicion, eager, or full of disdain. All of which heighten the curiosity about the man.

When someone asks, “What does Sam-sik mean?”, Kim San, an elite young man, explains, “Even during the war, he fed his family three meals a day, and never let them starve.”

(“Samsik” in Korean, by the way, can also be used to mean “three meals”, hence, the name).

Uncle Samsik himself then responds with a laugh, “Everyone calls me that out of love and respect, and I love it. It’s my nickname.”

Watch the latest Uncle Samsik trailer below, and you’ll see right away this one is definitely mysterious.

The Korean drama is directed and written by Shin Yeon Shick (director/writer of Cassiopeia), and will be film actor Song Kang Ho’s first drama appearance.

It stars the previously mentioned Song Kang Ho and Byun Yo Han, alongside Lee Kyu Hyung, Jin Ki Joo, and Seo Hyun Woo.


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