Song Kang Ho front and center in new Uncle Samsik poster adds to character’s mystique

Song Kang Ho stands alone in latest Uncle Samsik poster

With the upcoming premiere of the Disney Plus K-drama Uncle Samsik heading ever closer (May 15th), new promotional material is being released thick and fast.

The latest promo piece is a new Uncle Samsik poster, which follows on from the group photo poster that was released earlier in the week.

The latest Uncle Samsik poster, however, concentrates on the titular man himself, and actor Song Kang Ho (one of Korea’s sexiest and coolest men over 50) who plays him as he looks through the window of a restaurant to people rushing past outside.

The tagline then states “I CAN GIVE YOU EVERYTHING”, adding to the mystery and intrigue of the drama even more.


New Uncle Samsik poster, this time featuring main lead Song Kang Ho

What is the Uncle Samsik plot about?

The K-drama itself tells the story of “Uncle Samsik”, aka Park Doo Chil, a mysterious business man with one of the myths surrounding him is that he always managed to provide his family and others in his community with three meals a day — even during wartime.

His name “Samsik” can also mean “three meals” in Korean, hence, his nickname likely started by people who were grateful for his help in a world in ruins where, otherwise, they may have starved.

The drama itself takes place in the 1960s in South Korea when the country was going through huge turmoil politically and socially, and during a time when Samsik teams up with super-elite and former economics student Kim San (Byun Yo Han).

A man whose dream is to help South Korea industrialize so that it can become as wealthy and successful as the United States, the country he was partially educated in.

Enjoy the latest moody but kind of cool Uncle Samsik poster, as it paints Park Doo Chil as a man who may be mysterious, but he certainly isn’t threatening.

The drama also, which is the first K-drama star Song Kang Ho has ever appeared in, also stars Byun Yo Han, Lee Kyu Hyung, Jin Ki Joo, and Seo Hyun Woo, with a stellar supporting cast that also includes Oh Kwang Rok, Oh Seung Hoon, Kim Min Jae and Kim Yool Ho.

Korean-American singer/actress Girls’ Generations’ Tiffany Young also has a supporting role playing character Rachel Jung.

The 16-episode Uncle Samsik (aka 삼식이 삼촌 in Hangul) premieres internationally on Disney Plus on May 15th.

Set in a fascinating time in South Korea history, this one looks intriguing.

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