Nothing Uncovered Eps 3 and 4 ratings rise then fall as drama airs back-to-back episodes

Photo courtesy KBS2

It is invariably true that any time a Korean drama airs back-to-back episodes, one of the episodes will see a much lower rating than the other.

That, of course, is what happened last night when the K-drama Nothing Uncovered, Episodes 3 and 4 were aired on KBS2 back-to-back.

Aired in its usual time slot Nothing Uncovered, Episode 3 ratings rose to 2.8 percent nationwide, but then fell to 2.3 percent for Episode 4, which was the Korean drama’s lowest nationwide rating yet.

Why did Nothing Uncovered, Episodes 3 and 4 air back-to-back

If you are wondering why Nothing Uncovered Episodes 3 and 4 were aired back-to-back on Monday night, or why they are now showing up on your local streaming service, that’s because, nicely, unlike other networks, KBS2 decided to plan ahead.

So, instead of delaying the airing of Episode 4 on Tuesday night to next week ,due to a 2026 FIFA World Cup Asian qualifier football game being aired in its time slot tonight, the Korean network decided to air both of these week’s episodes together.

That means you don’t have to wait another week for Episode 4 to air, and the K-drama will go back to its normal schedule next week.

Cool, eh?

Nothing Uncovered stars the exceptional cast of Kim Ha Neul, Yeon Woo Jin and Jang Seung Jo, and airs (normally) every Monday and Tuesday evening on KBS2 at  22:10 (KST).

The 16-episode drama series will run through May 7th (unless, of course, any other football games push it off schedule).

Both Viki and KOCOWA are streaming the South Korean mystery thriller for their international subscribers in some regions.


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