Nothing Uncovered Ep 5 earns new all-time high as thriller’s audience continues to rise

Photo courtesy KBS2

Monday-Tuesday night K-drama Nothing Uncovered, Episode 5 earned the show’s highest rating yet last night in South Korea.

According to data from Nielsen Korea, the Nothing Uncovered, Episode 5 ratings were 2.9 percent nationwide.

That is a .60 percent increase from its previous episode’s all-time low of 2.30 percent on March 25th.

An episode whose rating fell due to KBS2 deciding to air two episodes back-to-back on the same night.

In other words, Nothing Uncovered jumped from an all-time low rating last week to a new all-time high last night. In just one episode.

Seoul ratings for Nothing Uncovered, Episode 5

In Seoul, the Korean drama’s ratings were even higher — hitting 3.0 percent for the very first time.

As viewers continue to compliment the “slow burn” of the well-written plot, and the performances of the Nothing Uncovered main cast, it is also highly likely we will continue to see new all-time high ratings over the K-dramas next 11 episodes.

Nothing Uncovered stars Kim Ha Neul, Yeon Woo Jin and Jang Seung Jo.

The Korean melodrama/thriller airs every Monday and Tuesday evening on KBS2, with its next episode hitting the airwaves at22:10 (KST) tonight.

Both Viki and Kocowa are streaming the Korean drama for their international subscribers.

Subscribers who, on Viki at least, are currently rating the K-drama an exceptionally high 9.3 out of 10, so seem to be enjoying it very much.

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