Sasaki and Miyano, Episode 11 review – Can I please slap Miyano? Because poor Sasaki…

There is only one more episode of Sasaki and Miyano to come now Episode 11 is over and, it’s obvious from today’s events Miyano’s confession to Sasaki will happen in Episode 12.


Meanwhile, and Ye Gods, Sasaki and Miyano, Episode 11 was so damned annoying, I went from wanting to slap the shit out of Miyano because he spends so much time inside his own head, to wanting to hug him as he just makes so much worry for himself.

Sasaki, on the other hand, is still trying to remain as cool and calm as possible, while wanting to climb out of his own skin he has waited so long for Miyano’s answer to his confession.

Sasaki and Miyano, Episode 11 review — “What Do I Do About These Feelings?

Just like you would expect with the Miyano we have all come to know, over analyzing and panicking is the order of the day as Sasaki and Miyano, Episode 11 kicks off.

Because Miyano has finally realized he is in love with Sasaki and, oh God, his brain is now on such overload, it’s a wonder he manages to make it out of the movie theater without confessing to Sasaki in front of 9,000 other people.

The day after his love epiphany, and Miyano is still going over and over things in his head, trying to find a good time to confess to Sasaki (and can I just say, we all knew that confession wasn’t coming in Episode 11, right?)

Then one of the boys in his class decides to arrange a Christmas party, while allowing those with girlfriends to be excused.

When one boy says he plans on getting a girlfriend before Christmas, so he won’t be going to the party either, he is told by another boy “Couples who get together before Christmas break up immediately afterwards”.

And wouldn’t you know, that sets Miyano off worrying about confessing to Sasaki before Christmas and so breaking up with him before the New Year.


slapping Miyano is the right thing to do because, Good God, how does one little guy become so damned useless because of one passing remark?

But, thank God for Kuresawa, who tells Miyano “raise your hand”, and Miyano’s name is put on the board as one of the boys not going to the Christmas party.

Because Kuresawa has been watching Miyano go through mental gyrations for a few hours now, and decides somebody needs to step in before his brain explodes.

Of course, Tashiro also has more clue than Miyano because when he complains about Miyano not going to the party, and Kuresawa replies “Otaku are busy at Christmas”, Tashiro replies “Is that all? I thought he was finally going out with Sasaki-senpai”.


Every boy in the school is smarter than Miyano when it comes to emotions, as they have all been able to see what was under their noses for months, while Miyano continued to walk around rubbing his two brain cells together in agony.

(Yeah, I’m being too hard on the kid, but come on already. And can you imagine what it would be like living with Miyano, and having him agonize over what to eat for dinner every night? Aarrrggghhh!)


Miyano with Hanzawa at the mall on Christmas Day

One of the nicest scenes in Sasaki and Miyano, Episode 11, however, is the one on Christmas Day when Miyano bumps into Hanzawa, his senior, at the mall.

Hanzawa is shopping with his brother, who is also gay, and although there is a misunderstanding with his brother thinking Miyano is Hanzawa’s boyfriend, it all ends up in a touching moment between the two brothers as Hanzawa tells him he is fine with who he will love.

As for Miyano, just like you’d expect, early January has now rolled around, and he still hasn’t told Sasaki he’s in love with him.

Because, yep, his obsessive nature got stuck on “break up after Christmas”, and thus he never recovered.

Hard to believe too, as the two boys spent Christmas Day together at an art exhibit (so it was technically ‘after Christmas’ by the time they went home), and Miyano was still unable to confess.


slap, slap, slap. Because ‘cute’ has now changed into ‘so damned exasperating I’m now hoping Sasaki finds somebody else, you’re taking so long’ (hint: he doesn’t!).

So, it’s now January 6th and Miyano tries to get Sasaki’s attention 27,000 times, but someone always needs to talk to one or the other of them.

Which is why, it is now more than six months since Sasaki confessed, a new bloody year, and Miyano is still pratting around.

(Honestly, it’s lucky Sasaki doesn’t have my temperament, as I would have walked away from the indecisive little twerp a long time ago — Sorry, Miyano, but come on. Grow a pair, eh!).


Then, of course, there is that final heart-breaking-for-Sasaki scene, where Sasaki is so overcome by his feelings for Miyano that he pushes him against a wall and moves forward to kiss him.

Shocked, Miyano accidentally taps Sasaki’s chest, which stops him dead in his tracks.

Misunderstanding, and knowing he was about to do something bad — not respect Miyano’s feelings, because remember Sasaki has no idea Miyano is in love with him — Sasaki says “Sorry”, then turns and walks away, shoulders slumped, leaving Miyano standing in shock.

And yes, I feel sad for both of them but is it just me that thinks “Well, Miyano, you kinda deserved that”, while feeling devastated for Sasaki?

No worries, though, as it’s pretty obvious Miyano will confess to Sasaki next week, and all will end up right with the world.

Then I can finally stop my hand from reaching through the screen and throttling the annoying little…

Really, I like Miyano really I do, but Good Christ, can you imagine dating him???? I wouldn’t survive a week before my exasperation did me in.

Watch Sasaki and Miyano, Episode 11, “What Do I Do About These Feelings?on Funimation (although the series will probably move to Crunchyroll after it’s ended, as all anime series are now in the process of doing).

Buy the Sasaki and Miyano manga series in English via Yen Press.

And mark your calendars for next Sunday night as we are finally finally finally going to get the big confession.

I promise.

In fact, if you watch the last frame of Episode 11, you’ll find out where it will take place too!

But oh, I’m going to be so sad to see this anime series end, as it truly has been my Winter 2022 favorite.

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Michelle Topham