Song Kang’s military enlistment to begin – away from entertainment industry for at least 18 months

Song Kang in My Demon currently streaming on Netflix — photo courtesy of SBS

Song Kang’s mandatory military enlistment to begin this year

For those of us living in countries that have not had mandatory military enlistment for decades, if not ever, it is often difficult to understand South Korea’s mandatory military enlistment laws.

After all, not only is every South Korean male forced to join the Korean military before they reach the age of 28, this even applies to men who are in the entertainment industry with massively successful careers that bring in tens of billions of dollars to the South Korean economy every year.

Most South Korean men then, including those in the entertainment industry, simply accept military enlistment as part of being a South Korea citizen.

That means actors like Song Kang, who is beginning his military enlistment period this year, head off to do their duty just like everyone else.

Song Kang’s agency confirms his military enlistment date

Earlier today, Song Kang’s agency Namoo Actors announced the 29-year-old actor is enlisting in the military on April 2nd.

He will be joining the Republic of Korea Army as an active duty soldier, which means his mandatory military enlistment period is 18 months.

The actor will not be back working in the entertainment industry in Korea then until at least October, 2025.

If Song Kang was joining the Navy, his enlistment period would have been 20 months, and 21 months in the Air Force. (Comment: That is probably why the majority of K-pop stars and actors join the army).

In the announcement about Song Kang’s military enlistment, his agency simply said:

Hello, this is Namoo Actors.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of the fans who have always loved actor Song Kang, and would like to inform you about Song Kang’s enlistment.

Actor Song Kang will be enlisting in the Army on April 2nd, 2024 (Tuesday).

No official ceremony will be held on the day of his enlistment,

Please note that the enlistment ceremony will be held in private to prevent safety accidents due to crowds at the site.

We hope that Song Kang will faithfully perform his duties of national defense and
and come back with a more mature and healthy appearance.

We look forward to your warm love and support.

Thank you.

Meanwhile, while Song Kang is in the military, here are some of the dramas he has recently starred in you can watch/rewatch:

Song Kang’s most recent K-drama My Demon on Netflix, 2021’s Navillera on Netflix, 2019’s Love Alarm on Netflix, 2021’s Nevertheless on Netflix, and Sweet Home, Seasons 1 and on Netflix.

His dramas When the Devil Calls Your Name is streaming on Viki, as is Beautiful Vampire.

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