My Demon Ep 16 rating falls – ends as lowest rated SBS drama of 2023

Photo courtesy SBS

The Korean fantasy romance drama My Demon, Episode 16 aired on SBS in South Korea tonight to a (surprisingly) lower rating than its penultimate episode earned last night.

Data from Nielsen Korea shows the final episode of My Demon earned 3.5 percent of the audience share nationwide, which is a slight drop from its previous episode’s rating of 3.7 percent on Friday evening.

The K-drama also saw a similar drop with its audience in Seoul garnering 3.7 percent of the audience, which is down from Episode 15’s 4.0 percent.

The AFC Asian Cup game between South Korean and Jordan was being broadcast tonight though (it was a 2-2 draw), which likely had an impact on the lower My Demon ratings.

My Demon ends as lowest rated SBS drama of 2023

Overall though, the final My Demon rating probably is not a surprise for anyone who has been keeping an eye on the Korean ratings.

After all, the Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung-led drama was never able to earn the same ratings of other SBS Friday-Saturday night dramas on South Korean TV in 2023.

Its predecessor The Escape of the Seven earned an average of double My Demon’s ratings, while The First Responders 2 ratings were also more than double.

Revenant had an average of treble the ratings, Dr. Romantic 3‘s audience share was quadruple, Taxi Driver 2 more than five times higher, and Payback ratings’ were treble on average.

In fact, when you look at the other K-dramas airing on SBS in 2023, My Demon ended as the lowest rated drama of 2023 on the network.

Then again, with the Korean drama’s enormous success on Netflix,¬†where it has been on the Top 10 Non-English TV Shows list since its first two episodes premiered, it is doubtful the cast and crew are devastated.

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