Super Beaver’s ‘Hakanakunai’ heading to 3.5 million streams on Spotify alone

Super Beaver’s ‘Hakanakunai‘ was released June 17th and has since a massive growth in streams recently

UpdateSeptember 25th, 2023 — Super Beaver’s ‘Hakanakunai’ crossed 3.5 million streams, with the current # of streams of the song as of today at 3,503,151. Yay!

I don’t know about you, but I love to keep an eye on the number of streams my favorite songs, bands and singers have currently earned on Spotify.

After all, isn’t it nice to know your favorite song/singer/band is doing well?

One track whose Spotify stream numbers I have been following for a few weeks  is Japanese rock band Super Beaver’s ‘Hakanakunai‘ (aka 儚くない in Japanese).

The track is the band’s latest single (it’s 18th), the theme song for the recently released live-action film Tokyo Revengers 2: Bloody Halloween-hen, and a song Super Beaver performed live on the Sony-owned YouTube channel The First Take recently.

I hadn’t heard the song before the band’s superb The First Take performance, but I fell in love with it immediately, and have been playing it on repeat on Spotify several times a week for over two months.

Super Beaver’s ‘Hakanakunai‘ almost at 3.5 million streams

And that is why I am currently thrilled that Super Beaver’s ‘Hakanakunai‘ is doing so well, with almost 3.5 million streams on Spotify (3,479,980 to be exact) so far, and with the band adding tens of thousands more plays daily.

Super Beaver’s ‘Hakanakunai‘ was written by the band’s guitarist and composer Ryōta Yanagisawa (and hell, what a song, eh?), and with lead vocalist Ryūta Shibuya providing those gorgeously massive vocals.

It is not the first theme song the Japanese rock band has released as they are also famous for the 9th Naruto: Shippuuden theme song, the Barakamon theme song and for the first theme song for the 6th Season of My Hero Academia.

In my opinion, though, Super Beaver’s ‘Hakanakunai‘ is one of the best the band has released.

Listen to Super Beaver’s ‘Hakanakunai‘ via Spotify below, and add to the song’s stream count, and then give their lovely YouTube music video for the track a watch down there as well.

Because, damn, it is a fine, fine song. (And by the way, the track has earned over 3.1 million plays on YouTube as well so far and counting).


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