Taxi Driver 2 Episode 12 ratings skyrocketed to all-time high for both seasons on Saturday night

Korean revenge drama Taxi Driver 2, Episode 12 ratings are out via Nielsen Korea and, in no surprise to anyone addicted to the show, its audience ratings skyrocketed to an all-time high on Saturday night.

An all-time high for the drama in both of its seasons so far, that is.

The just released Taxi Driver 2, Episode 12 ratings show the crime drama’s audience share shot up from 14.5 percent nationwide for its eleventh episode to last night’s 18.3 percent.

An almost 4 percent increase over its previous evening’s episode.

The same type of increase was also seen in the audience in Seoul, with an increase for Taxi Driver 2, Episode 12 ratings from 15.5 percent to 19.4 percent.

That increase placed the drama in the top spot both nationwide and in Seoul.

Taxi Driver 2 still has four more episodes to air before its second season comes to an end.

Considering the drama’s viewers have increased from 12.1 percent (nationwide) and 12.8 percent (Seoul) for its first episode to rapidly heading towards 20 percent for its twelfth, that only bodes well for its final four episodes as well.

Taxi Driver 2 airs on SBS on Friday and Saturday evenings at 22:00 (KST) in South Korea.

Outside Korea, the drama is streaming via Netflix, Kocowa and Viki.

The next episode of Taxi Driver 2 will air on Friday April 7th, 2023.


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