The Escape of the Seven Ep 7 ratings FALL – NOT a surprise for one reason alone

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The Escape of the Seven, Ep 7 had My Dearest on MBC to contend with

With The Escape of the Seven, Episode 7 ratings falling nationwide last night, it was not that much of a surprise to anyone who follows K-dramas.

After all, while The Escape of the Seven did not have the historical drama My Dearest airing opposite it for the last three weeks, that changed last night after My Dearest, Part 2 premiered in the same time slot on MBC.

That is likely the main reason ratings for The Escape of the Seven, Episode 7 fell nationwide compared to those for Episode 6.

Although, when you look closely at those ratings, the drop is nowhere near as bad as it could have been.

Ratings for The Escape of the Seven, Episode 7

According to Nielsen Korea, The Escape of the Seven, Episode 7 grabbed 6.8 percent of the audience share nationwide last night.

That is down only slightly from its previous episode’s 7.3 percent, and so placed the SBS drama in 7th place, which is down from its previous episode’s 2nd place.

In Seoul, however, the revenge drama earned 7.10 percent, which is slightly up from Episode 6’s rating of 7.00 percent, meaning the drama’s ratings were about the same as its previous episode.

Considering those ratings could have been much worse, if My Dearest had grabbed the same ratings it earned for Episode 10 back in early September (it didn’t), The Escape of the Seven cast and crew should be happy with last night’s audience share.

The next episode of The Escape of the Seven airs in South Korea later on tonight, so let’s see how it performs versus the next episode of My Dearest.

International viewers will be able to watch the drama via Viki, where Episode 6 is now also streaming, or via Kocowa.


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