The Matchmakers Ep 14 has big ratings increase to grab highest ever

Rowoon and Cho Yi Hyun in The Matchmakers – photo courtesy KBS2

I am so thrilled to see the Korean historical romance drama The Matchmakers, Episode 14 not only earn a big ratings increase from its previous episode last night, but also to earn the drama’s highest ever rating.

According to the new numbers from Nielsen Korea, The Matchmakers, Episode 14 earned 5.0 percent of the audience share nationwide in South Korea on Monday night.

That is a 0.60 percent increase from its previous episode’s 4.40 percent rating, and the first time the Rowoon-led drama has broken the 5.0 percent barrier since the K-drama began airing on October 30th.

With just two episodes left to air before The Matchmakers comes to an end, let’s hope the Korean drama not only keeps its highest ever rating, but surpasses it, eh?

International viewers response to The Matchmakers 

Since The Matchmakers began streaming on Viki in late October, users of that streaming site have never waivered in their love for the Korean drama.

Currently, it is being rated an extremely high 9.4 out of 10 from almost 2,400 viewers, with comments about the plot and the superb cast getting the most attention.

Those comments range from:

One of my favorite elements to this series is the attention to the supporting cast and their development as characters. I especially love the budding bromance between the Prince and the Officer. Great contrasting comedic styles.

Huh Nam Jun (the Officer) deserves at least an award nomination for his role. Such fantastic dead-pan delivery and strait-laced demeanor. I find myself smiling whenever he enters frame because I know fantastic comedy is forthcoming. Great stuff.


This is the best drama I have watched this year. It has intrigue, comedy, romance, and great storytelling. The Main Lead and Female Lead are great, they work really well on screen together.

The highlight though are the old maidens, their prospective grooms, and the real love stories of the sisters. Honestly, I would watch a show about each of the sisters on their own they are so interesting, funny, and intelligent.


One of the best historical light-romantic dramas I’ve seen. Rowoon is masterful in portraying a genius; he’s a quirky, irritable widower-scholar, part of the Royal family and yet outcast.

The female lead is also a complex and likeable character, well developed, with family ties that bind her to widow status.

Supporting cast is great. None are superfluous, all are top rate actors, and entertaining as heck.

In other words, if you have not yet started watching The Matchmakers, you really should.

There are only two episodes left to air so you can almost binge-watch the entire series, the plot is fun as hell, the acting is top-notch and the cinematography, costumes and sets are gorgeous.

The Matchmakers stars Rowoon and Cho Yi Hyun, with its final two episodes airing tonight December 19th for Episode 15 and on Christmas Day, December 25th for Episode 16.

Check out its trailer below.

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