The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract Ep 4 ratings drop but are still solid

Photo courtesy MBC

The Korean drama The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract, Episode 4 aired to slightly lower ratings than its previous episode last night.

The latest data from Nielsen Korea show The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract, Episode 4 grabbed 6.4 percent of the audience share nationwide in South Korea, which is a small drop from its previous episode’s all-time high of 6.7 percent.

The K-drama also experienced a similar drop with Seoul audiences, earning 6.2 percent of the audience, which is down from Episode 3’s rating of 6.7 percent.

Both ratings, though, are still solid as well as nowhere near the drama’s all-time lows (5.6 percent/5.3 percent), which it earned for Episode 1.

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract airs directly opposite the SBS drama My Demon, which has also experienced steady ratings since it premiered on November 24th.

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract cast

The MBC drama stars Lee Se Young as the titular Park Yeon Woo, a young woman from the Joseon era who, after her husband dies on the day of their wedding, is abducted and then thrown down a well.

Only to find herself emerging in modern day Korea.

Bae In Hyuk is male lead Kang Tae Ha, the successor to the SH Group who has no intention of getting married, but whose grandfather wishes nothing but to go to his wedding before he dies.

And that is when Kang Tae Ha, having rescued Park Yeon Woo from the swimming pool she appears in after falling down the well, decides she might be a good candidate for a contract marriage.

Alongside them, the excellent cast of Joo Hyun Young plays Yeon Woo’s best friend, Yoo Seon Ho is Tae Ha’s half-brother who is also a celebrity, and Jo Bok Rae is Tae Ha’s secretary.

The next episode of the drama will air on MBC on Friday, December 8th, 2024, with Viki streaming the K-drama for international viewers.


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