Twinkling Watermelon Ep 5 ratings DROP despite being only Mon-Tues drama airing

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Twinkling Watermelon sees 1.0 percent ratings drop nationwide

With the K-drama Twinkling Watermelon, Episode 5 being the only drama airing on South Korean TV on a Monday and Tuesday night at the moment, you would think the show’s ratings would be going through the roof.

Oddly, however, even though the drama’s previous episode hit record ratings, Twinkling Watermelon, Episode 5 did not.

In fact, the drama saw a drop of 1.0 percent nationwide, with Twinkling Watermelon, Episode 5 earning 3.68 percent of the audience share, which is down from the previous episode’s 4.68 percent.

The coming-of-age, fantasy drama also performed similarly with Seoul audiences, with Nielsen Korea reporting Episode 5 earned 4.39 percent of the audience — down from the show’s 4.80 percent rating for Episode 4.

All slightly odd, especially as the drama’s previous rival My Lovely Boxer ended its run last week, and because Twinkling Watermelon is really quite good.

Both ratings did, however, still place the teen drama in first place on cable TV in both regions.

The tvN drama also has five more episodes to air before its next rival, KBS2’s The Matchmakers, kicks off on October 30th, which means it still has plenty of time to increase its audience share again without competition from other dramas.

Twinkling Watermelon stars Ryeoun, Choi Hyun Wook, Seol In Ah and Shin Eun Soo.

The drama airs every Monday and Tuesday at 20:50 (KST) on tvN, with Viki streaming every episode for international viewers around the same time.

Check out the tvN trailer for Episode 6 down below (sorry, it’s only available in Korean). The episodes itself will air/stream later on tonight.


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