Wedding Impossible Ep 9 ratings hits another all-time low with 3 episodes to air

Photo courtesy tvN

The Jeon Jong Seo, Moon Sang Min, Kim Do Wan, and Bae Yoon Kyung-led Korean drama Wedding Impossible, Episode 10 aired last night to another fall in its ratings.

A fall that caused the Korean drama to hit another all-time ratings low. Both nationwide and with its audience in Seoul.

The latest data shows Wedding Impossible, Episode 9 ratings were 3.13 percent nationwide, which is a fall from Episode 8’s audience share of 3.39 percent last week.

The Korean drama experienced the same-style of ratings drop in Seoul as well, with Nielsen Korea reporting a fall from last week’s 3.62 percent to Wedding Impossible, Episode 9’s rating last night of 3.42 percent.

With just three episodes of the drama to go, that is a drop of around 1.0 percent since its first episode promisingly premiered on February 26th.

Why has Wedding Impossible‘s rating fallen from its first episode?

As some people on social media and on various drama-focused websites are rightfully pointing out, the problem with the Korean drama is not the performances or the direction, it is that there really is very little plot to drag the K-drama out to 12 episodes.

After all, when the only thing pulling the drama forward is a fake marriage and Do Han’s secret, the drama, while admittedly messy, quickly ran out of steam.

Had writer Kwon Young Il developed a couple of interesting side plots, Wedding Impossible would be holding people’s attention more.

As it stands at the moment, quite a few are saying they are just happy it is only a 12-episode drama.

And that is a shame really, as the main leads’ performances have been excellent, the direction is solid and the soundtrack is nice, it is just the script that has been a let-down.

The next episode of Wedding Impossible (Episode 10) will air on tvN in South Korea later on tonight, with both Viki and Amazon Prime Video streaming the Korean drama in various international regions.

Let’s see if its ratings get a boost then.


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