Wedding Impossible Ep 8 rating hits lowest yet – still highest rated drama on Tuesday

Photo courtesy tvN

The ongoing Korean rom-com Wedding Impossible, Episode 8 aired on tvN in South Korea last night to its lowest nationwide rating yet.

Data via Nielsen Korea shows Wedding Impossible, Episode 8 garnering 3.39 percent nationwide, which is a drop from its previous episode’s 3.50 percent, and heading towards a full 1.0 percent drop from the nationwide rating it earned for its first episode on February 26th.

The Korean drama’s ratings have been steadily falling since Episode 2, however, although its core audience remains the same, so a new all-time low last night probably isn’t too unexpected.

A shame too, as the drama is well-acted, nicely written and entertaining.

The K-drama’s rating for Seoul, however, wasslightly better rising from its previous episode’s all-time low of 3.57 percent to last night’s 3.62 percent.

In other good news, compared to the other two dramas airing in South Korea on Tuesday night (Midnight Studio and Nothing Uncovered), Wedding Impossible was still the most highly-rated of the three.

Wedding Impossible stars the cool cast of Jeon Jong Seo, Moon Sang Min, Kim Do Wan, and Bae Yoon Kyung, and airs every Monday and Tuesday evening in South Korea on tvN.

Outside Korea, drama fans can find the tvN rom-com on streaming services Viki and Amazon Prime Video depending on your region.

On Viki, where the drama has been extremely popular since it premiered, the rating for the series has also risen slightly to 9.5 out of 10 from yesterday’s 9.4., with viewers overwhelmingly leaving comments that are equally positive.

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