Why did Korea-Khitan War Ep 13 not air last night? When will it air/stream?

Photo courtesy KBS2

If you are as obsessed with the ongoing Korean historical drama Korea-Khitan War as millions of others, you were probably irritated last night to discover Korea-Khitan War, Episode 13 did not air on schedule?

Nor did it stream on Viki for international audiences.

Why did Korea-Khitan War, Episode 13 not air last night on KBS2, and when can you expect it to air/stream along with tonight’s scheduled-but-not-airing Episode 14?

The reason for last night’s postponement of Korea-Khitan War, Episode 13

Korea-Khitan War, Episode 13 (aka Goryeo-Khitan War) did not air on KBS2 in South Korea due to the 2023 KBS Entertainment Awards airing in its time slot instead.

That means Episode 13 aired a few hours ago (Sunday) in South Korea in place of Episode 14, with Episode 14 now scheduled to air/stream on December 30th.

Meanwhile, Korea-Khitan War, Episode 13 will stream on Viki for international viewers within the next few hours.

As it stands right now the 32-episode drama, which was originally scheduled to end on February 25th, is now scheduled to end on March 2nd, 2024.

Although, as we all know, Korean drama schedules can change, so we will keep you up-to-date if more schedule changes occur.



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