Why is Like Flowers in Sand Ep 12 not airing on Thursday? When will finale air?

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Unfortunately for fans of the Korean drama series Like Flowers in Sand, the 12th and final episode of the ENA drama will not be airing tonight (Thursday, January 25th, 2024).

Instead, Like Flowers in Sand, Episode 12 has been postponed. Likely until Wednesday, January 31st, although ENA has not announced that yet.

Why has Like Flowers in Sand, Episode 12 been postponed?

For one of the usual reasons that often plague K-dramas when they air in South Korea, and not direct on an international streaming platform.

Why is Like Flowers in Sand, Episode 12 not airing tonight?

While ENA says the drama has been postponed “due to certain circumstances at the broadcasting company”, the Korean drama has actually been postponed due to a football game airing on an other channel.

That football game is one of the playoff matches in the AFC Asian Cup 2023.

This time between South Korea and Malaysia so, of course, half of Korea will want to watch it.

Air any drama opposite a match like that, and you can guarantee its ratings will fall.

Begin airing a drama just half an hour after an AFC Asian Cup begins (8:30 pm), as Like Flowers in Sand would air at its scheduled time, and it is certain catastrophe.

As ENA likely wants the final episode of Like Flowers in Sand to maintain the strong ratings it has earned throughout most of its run, there is no point broadcasting the Korean drama in its regular time only to see it bomb.

Hence the announcement of a “postponement”.

In other words, if you want your Jang Dong Yoon hit tonight, you will have to watch one of the talented actor’s previous dramas on Viki instead.

Meanwhile, we will keep you posted as to when its new broadcast time is announced.

EDIT: ENA has just announced Like Flowers in Sand, Episode 12 will air on Wednesday, January 31st at 9pm.

That means streaming services will also air it at the usual time on the same day.

So now you know!

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