Wonderful World Ep 8 ratings drop – continue to show K-drama’s audience volatility

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Wonderful World audience volatility has been in evidence since Ep 4

The ongoing Korean drama Wonderful World, Episode 8 aired on Saturday night to another big drop in ratings, as the MBC drama continued to prove how volatile its audience seems to be.

According to Nielsen Korea, Wonderful World, Episode 8 ratings nationwide were 6.3 percent, which is a big drop from its previous episode‘s 8.5 percent, and an even bigger drop from the K-drama’s all-time high of 9.9 percent for Episode 5.

The Korean drama also experienced something similar with its audience in Seoul, as its rating for Episode 8 in that region also dropped from Episode 7’s viewership of 8.3 percent to last night’s 6.1 percent.

Considering the ratings for Wonderful World have been volatile during its entire run, however, and with the drama unable to maintain a steady ratings increase for long, it is not too surprising its ratings fell again last night.

After all, after rising to 9.9 percent for Episode 5, the Korean drama then saw nationwide ratings of 7.3 percent for its next episode, followed by a rise to 8.5 percent, to a drop last night back to 6.3 percent.

With just six more episodes of the 14-episode revenge drama to run, it appears likely we will see this ratings rollercoaster through the rest of the series as well.

That being said, all of Wonderful World‘s ratings have been solid ratings for a K-drama that airs on nights (Friday/Saturday) when more K-dramas air than on any other nights of the week.

The Korean revenge drama’s cast and staff

Wonderful World is directed by Lee Seung Yeong (Voice Season 2), and was written by Kim Ji Eun, the same screenwriter who wrote 2020’s Lie After Lie, one of the highest-rated dramas to ever air on Korean cable TV.

The drama stars veteran South Korean actress Kim Nam Joo (Queen of Housewives) and up-and-comer Cha Eun Woo (A Good Day to be a Dog), alongside Kim Kang Woo, and Im Se Mi.

It airs on MBC in South Korea on Friday and Saturday evenings at 21:50 (KST), with Disney Plus streaming it for its international subscribers in some regions.


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