YENA’s ‘Hate Rodrigo’ live performance on Music Bank is SO COOL – And yep, her music video is back up

South Korean singer YENA’s ‘Hate Rodrigo‘ got an incredibly cool performance this week as the K-pop singer appeared on Music Bank to sing the song live.

Along with the incredibly catchy song (and who can listen to that song just once, especially with that addictive chorus!), YENA and her backing dancers also performed a heckuva fabulously playful dance routine to go along with the song.

I mean, heck, I am old enough to be the girl’s mother, and even I thought it was cute and adorable.

YENA’s ‘Hate Rodrigo’ in the news this week

If course, if you follow any K-pop news, you will already know YENA’s ‘Hate Rodrigo‘ has been in the news this week due to a rumor her music video for the song had been removed from YouTube due to American singer Oliva Rodrigo’s agency filing a copyright claim against it.

That was done, supposedly, because the American singer was angry some of her photos were used in the video.

As it turns out, like so many rumors from the K-pop world, nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, YENA’s agency Yuehua Entertainment came out earlier today essentially saying, “Nope, that didn’t happen”.

They then went on to explain YENA’s representatives themselves had noticed some potentially problematic images on the ‘Hate Rodrigo‘ music video when it comes to the “violation of portrait rights”.

That is why they themselves had removed the video from YouTube for editing.

YENA’s ‘Hate Rodrigo‘ music video is now back on YouTube, suitably edited, and featuring Chinese singer YUQI,¬†and has already received 2.5 million views.

You can watch it below, along with YENA’s ‘Hate Rodrigo‘ live performance on Music Bank. It’s a banger.


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