A Good Day to Be a Dog E5 ratings poor but increase with E6 – audience share still mediocre

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A Good Day to Be a Dog still struggling in the ratings

At this point for the ongoing K-drama A Good Day to Be a Dog, it is looking like the show’s ratings will stay pretty much the same throughout its run — mediocre at best.

After all, when a double episode aired on MBC last night still only managed to garner the drama its lowest rating ever for Episode 5, with only a slightly higher rating for Episode 6 an hour later, it does not bode well for the show from now on out.

According to Nielsen Korea, the ratings for A Good Day to Be a Dog, Episode 5 nationwide were 1.7 percent of the audience share, placing it in 30th place on Korean TV for the day.

That rating is the lowest rating the drama has earned, and equal to the rating A Good Day to Be a Dog garnered for Episode 4 on November 1st.

Episode 6 of the K-drama fared a little better when it aired an hour later last night, but its 2.2 percent of the audience share nationwide still only put it in 26th place for shows watched on South Korean TV on Wednesday.

What has caused A Good Day to Be a Dog’s poor ratings?

With the K-drama itself being a nicely acted, well-written, quite fun weekly escape, it is easy to see why its ratings in South Korea dropped with Episode 3 after it had earned it highest rating yet for Episode 2 (2.8 percent),and why it has never adequately recovered.

First, the drama is a once-a-week show, which notoriously do poorly with audiences who are used to two episodes a week or more.

The main reason A Good Day to Be a Dog‘s ratings are poor, though, is the constant postponement of those once-a-week episodes by MBC.

The first postponement came with A Good Day to Be a Dog, Episode 4, when that episode was postponed for two weeks due to baseball games airing in the drama’s time slot.

Yep, two weeks without viewers being able to watch the once-a-week episode drama they had recently become interested in.

Then A Good Day to Be a Dog, Episode 4 was finally aired two weeks late, only for the Korean drama to again be postponed for two more weeks until last night’s two back-to-back episodes aired in an effort for MBC to catch up.

In other words, with eight more episodes still to air, and a high chance the K-drama will have episodes postponed again, the cast and crew of A Good Day to Be a Dog must be tearing their hair out at how much their hard work has been destroyed by bad planning/scheduling on the part of MBC.

When will A Good Day to Be a Dog, Episode 6 air?

A Good Day to Be a Dog stars Park Gyu YoungCha Eun Woo, and Lee Hyun Woo.

After last night’s back-to-back episodes, the next episode of the drama is currently scheduled to air on November 22nd on MBC in South Korea.

Whether that will actually happen though is anyone’s guess.

A Good Day to Be a Dog is also being streamed outside Korea on Viki, with Episode 6 also scheduled to be uploaded to that service next Wednesday.

That being said, you may want to wait until every episode of the planned-14 episodes have aired in South Korea, and thus been uploaded to the streaming service.

That way you can be certain there will be no postponement of episodes occurring to destroy your enjoyment.

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