A Good Day to Be a Dog Ep 10 ratings solid as loyal audience continues to tune in

The Korean drama A Good Day to Be a Dog, Episode 10 aired on MBC last night and, while the K-drama has never pulled in the big audiences, its latest rating continues to prove that the audience it does have is loyal.

According to Nielsen Korea, A Good Day to Be a Dog, Episode 10 pulled in a rating of 1.9 percent last night nationwide, which is just .10 percent higher than the rating for its previous episode.

But, when you look at all the Korean drama’s nationwide ratings from its first episode on up, they are all within the 2.2 percent to 1.8 percent ratings spread, except for two outliers with a 1.7 percent rating due to MBC messing with their air times, and one episode (Episode 2) that received a 2.8 percent rating.

What those average ratings seem to suggest then is that viewers that tuned in to A Good Day to Be a Dog right at the beginning have stuck around throughout the drama’s entire run.

International viewers still rating A Good Day to Be a Dog high

Viewers watching A Good Day to Be a Dog outside Korea are also still ranking the romantic comedy drama with high ratings.

On My Drama List, where users are notorious for their low ratings, the Korean drama is still being rated with a high (for that site) 8.3 out of 10.

On Viki, where the drama streams for international viewers, A Good Day to Be a Dog is earning an incredibly high 9.6 out of 10, with heading towards 11,000 people rating the drama.

In other words, international viewers seem to be as loyal as a dog to the drama (sorry!), and plan to watch it through to its very end.

The next episode of A Good Day to Be a Dog, which stars Park Gyu Young, Cha Eun Woo, and Lee Hyun Woo will air on December 20th.


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