A Killer Paradox hits #2 on Netflix Top 10 Non-English TV Shows chart – Top 10 in 60 countries today

The new Korean mini-series A Killer Paradox hit Netflix on February 9th and, just two days later, was in the #2 spot on the Netflix Top 10 Non-English TV Shows chart for the period of February 5th to February 11th.

According to the streaming platform, A Killer Paradox was viewed 3.1 million times in just three days, for a total of 21.9 million hours viewed.

The Korean drama was in the Top 10 in 19 countries, including Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, India, Bolivia, Singapore and its home country of South Korea.

According to Flix Patrol, A Killer Paradox is also the #3 most-watched TV show on Netflix today overall — meaning including both English and non-English shows.

It is also in the Top 10 in 60 countries today.

What is the plot of A Killer Paradox about?

The eight-episode A Killer Paradox stars Choi Woo Shik, Son Suk Ku, and Lee Hee Joon.

It tells the story of convenience store clerk Lee Tang (played by Choi Woo Shik) who accidentally murders a customer who assaulted him.

He soon finds out the customers was a serial killer, along with discovering he has a hidden talent to find “bad seeds” when others do not.

Soon he is meeting out “justice” to other people who have also committed evil acts, all while being chased by charismatic detective Jang Nan Gam (Son Suk Ku).

A Killer Paradox is currently streaming on Netflix, with viewers on various sites giving it only “average reviews”, and commenting while the performances are good, the plot is disappointing overall.


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