A Killer Paradox hits #1 on the Netflix Top 10 Non-English TV Shows chart

A Killer Paradox moves from last week’s #2 to this week’s #1

The now-hit Korean drama A Killer Paradox premiered on Netflix on February 9th and almost immediately became one of the most watched shows on the streaming platform.

Late yesterday, the latest Netflix data was released, this time for the period February 12th to 18th and, no surprise to many, A Killer Paradox is now #1 on the Netflix Top 10 Non-English TV Shows chart.

According to Netflix’ Tudum, the K-drama earned 5.5 million views during that period, with a total of more than 39.5 million hours viewed worldwide.

The dark comedy crime thriller was also in the Top 10 in 43 countries, including Canada, Chile, Honduras, France, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and, of course, in the drama’s home country of South Korea.

It was one of three Korean dramas on the Netflix Top 10, with Doctor Slump ranking at #6, and Captivating the King at #10.

The latest data, which you can find via Flix Patrol, also shows A Killer Paradox is still in the Top 10 on Netflix today in 24 countries.

A Killer Paradox synopsis and cast

The 8-episode A Killer Paradox stars Choi Woo Shik, Son Suk Ku, and Lee Hee Joon, and follows Lee Tang (Choi Woo Shik), a convenience store worker who accidentally kills someone.

As one accidental murder transpires into another, Lee Tang suddenly finds himself being pursued by detective Jang Nan Gam (Son Suk Ku), a tenacious man who is determined to get his man.

All eight episode of this excellent Netflix exclusive are now available to watch on the streaming platform.

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