Bae In Hyuk and Kim Ji Eun to star in historical romance drama Check in Hanyang? Here’s what we know

Korean actors Bae In Hyuk and Kim Ji Eun are potentially teaming up for an exciting new drama.

According to reports in Korean news media on March 28th, the duo is in talks to take on the lead roles in the new Channel A drama currently titled Check In Hanyang (working title).

HB Entertainment, Kim Ji Eun’s agency, responded to the news later on in the day, stating, “Check In Hanyang is a project the actress is considering positively.”

Meanwhile, a Bae In Hyuk representative has yet to comment regarding the report.

What is Check in Hanyang about?

Another K-drama set in the Joseon Dynasty (yep, Koreans are still fascinated with that period of their history), Check In Hanyang is a historical romance drama that follows the love stories of a woman and three men who are employed at Yongcheonlu, the most popular inn in Joseon.

Love in that era, however, could be even more complicated than it is nowadays as societal norms often limited who people were able to love and marry.

Check in Hanyang, however, confronts those societal limitations as the people involved decide to overcome them with their character and skills.

The Korean drama also looks at the political infighting going among people who think of themselves as “Kingmakers”.

Bae In Hyuk and Kim Ji Eun’s previous work

The two very popular actors, of course, are already known for many superb Korean dramas.

Bae In Hyuk was recently the main lead in The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract, and previously starred in Cheer Up, Why Her?, At a Distance, Spring is Green, and My Roommate is a Gumiho.

Kim Ji Eun was the female lead in hit dramas like Longing For You, One Dollar Lawyer, Again My Life, The Veil and I Have Three Boyfriends.

Whether the two decide Check in Hanyang will be their next big project, we have yet to see, but we will keep you informed as more news comes in about the K-dramas casting.

It would be a cool pairing if they did though, don’t you think?

Source: Despite what this report says, Bae In Hyuk’s acceptance of a role in Check in Hanyang has not yet been confirmed

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