Connection, Ep 9 is #1 most-watched drama on Friday and #2 most-watched show

Photo courtesy SBS TV

The Korean drama Connection, Episode 9 aired last night on SBS TV to its usual massively strong ratings.

According to Nielsen Korea, the Connection, Episode 9 rating nationwide was the same 9.1 percent of the audience share the crime drama earned for its previous episode — as well as only .30 percent down from its highest ever rating (Episode 7).

That audience share also firmly placed Connection in the #1 spot as the most-watched drama on Friday evening, as well as the #2 most-watched show on Korean TV.

In Seoul, however, the drama’s viewership dropped slightly from Episode 8’s audience share of 9.5 percent to last night’s 8.9 percent.

Still a very strong rating, though, as Bitter Sweet Hell, the only other drama currently airing on Friday nights, while seeing an audience rise, still earned just 5.5 percent of the nationwide audience.

As Connection has also earned a higher rating for its Saturday episode every week except one, we will likely see the SBS drama’s audience share rise even higher tonight.

Connection is directed by Kim Moon Gyo (Trolley), and stars Ji Sung, Jeon Mi Do, Kwon Yul, and Kim Kyung Nam.

Outside Korea, the K-drama is streaming on KOCOWA.

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