Flex X Cop Ep 11 ratings drop but still 2nd most watched show on TV on Friday

Photo courtesy SBS

The ongoing Korean drama Flex X Cop, Episode 11 aired on SBS on Friday night to a drop in ratings.

According to the latest data from Nielsen Korea, that drop was down to a nationwide rating of 8.3 percent last night, which is quite a big drop from its previous episode’s 9.7 percent.

In Seoul, the Ahn Bo Hyun-led drama saw a similar drop, falling from Episode 10’s regional rating of 10.0 percent to last night’s 8.7 percent.

To be fair though, even with that drop, both ratings still meant Flex X Cop was the 2nd most-watched show on Korean TV for all of Friday, only ranking behind the KBS1 drama Unpredictable Family.

Flex X Cop competing against new MBC drama Wonderful World

As for why Flex X Cop dropped in the ratings, in all likelihood the fall probably has something to do with the increased popularity in the new drama Wonderful World, which airs on MBC in the time slot.

That drama saw a big increase in its ratings last night, both nationally and regionally, while simultaneously Flex X Cop‘s ratings fell.

Although it did still end up in third place behind Flex X Cop‘s second place ranking.

The next episode of Flex X Cop airs later on tonight on SBS in South Korea. Let’s see how the Korean drama’s rating fares then.

Meanwhile, international viewers can watch the Ahn Bo Hyun/Park Ji Hyun-led drama via Disney + in most regions.

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