Wonderful World Ep 3 has big ratings jump – is 3rd most-watched show on Friday

Photo courtesy MBC

The cast and staff of the Korean drama Wonderful World must be thrilled after last night’s episode aired in South Korea.

After all, to see such a big ratings jump for a third episode is rare.

That ratings jump for Wonderful World, Episode 3, by the way, was from last week’s 6.1 percent to last night’s 8.0 percent.

A jump of almost 2.0 percent, and one that made the K-drama the third most-watched TV show in South Korea for all of Friday.

In Seoul, the MBC drama also saw the exact saw ratings rise — from Episode 2’s 6.1 percent to Episode 3’s rating of 8.0 percent.

Considering Wonderful World kicked off its 14-episode run on March 1st with ratings of 5.3/5.4 percent (nationwide/Seoul), to see an almost 3.0 percent rise in just a week bodes very well for the Korean drama going forward.

International viewers and Wonderful World

Outside South Korea, Wonderful World is being streamed on Disney + in some regions (not in the U.S. as of yet).

Viewers currently watching it, and rating it on My Drama List, are almost all commenting positively about the Kim Nam Joo/Cha Eun Woo-led drama so far, as well as giving it a very strong 8.1 out of 10 (which would be over a 9.0 on every other site, but MDL viewers are notoriously tough on the dramas they watch).

On IMDB, for instance, the drama is already being rated a 9.1 out of 10.

Wonderful World stars the aforementioned Kim Nam Joo and Cha Eun Woo, alongside Kim Kang Woo, and Im Se Mi, with a superb supporting cast including Won Mi Kyung, Yang Hye Ji, Cha Soo Yeon, Kang Ae Sim, Gil Hae Yeon, Sung Ji Ru, Park Hyuk Kwon and Oh Man Seok.

It airs every Friday and Saturday evening on MBC in South Korea at 21:50 (KST).

The next episode of the Korean drama will air tonight on MBC and Disney + in select areas.

Let’s see if the K-drama can maintain its huge ratings increase tonight.

Note: If you’re in the U.S. and wanting to legally watch Wonderful World, you will be happy to know it will be streaming on Hulu starting April 24th, with all 14 episodes available at the same time.

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