Goryeo-Khitan War Ep 11 earns high ratings again as international viewers still rate it high

The historical Korean drama Goryeo-Khitan War (aka Korea-Khitan War) aired last night on KBS in South Korea to high ratings again, and to a #2 spot on Korean TV both nationwide and in Seoul.

According to the latest numbers from Nielsen Korea, Goryeo-Khitan War, Episode 11 grabbed 9.7 percent of the audience share nationwide on Saturday night.

That rating is only slightly down from the K-drama’s all-time high of 10.0 percent,¬†which it earned last Sunday for Episode 10.

The ratings for Goryeo-Khitan War, Episode 11 in Seoul were also similar.

In that region, the latest episode of the historical drama earned 9.2 percent, which is the same all-time high rating it earned for its previous episode last Sunday.

International audiences still giving Goryeo-Khitan War solid ratings

The Korean drama is also still performing well with international viewers, with ratings staying solid throughout its so-far 11-episode run.

Viewers using My Drama List are currently still rating the drama a solid 8.0 out of 10 (anything 8.0 or above is a good rating on that site) from 1,617 viewers.

Meanwhile, over on IMDB, the ratings for the K-drama are at 8.2 out of 10 from 57 viewers.

And on Viki, where the drama is streaming in some regions, it is being rated a very high 9.5 out of 10 from 121 viewers.

The number of viewers rating the K-drama is low, as it is still largely unavailable in most regions of the world.

The next episode of Goryeo-Khitan War will air/stream tonight on KBS2 in South Korea, and on Kocowa and Viki in some regions.


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