Is Korean actor Song Joong Ki auditioning for BBC drama? This is what his agency says about rumors

Song Joong Ki via his Instagram account

Rumors have been circling over the last couple of days that South Korean actor Song Joong Ki has been auditioning for a BBC drama series.

The rumors began when, after Song Joong Ki’s agency confirmed he was in a relationship with a British woman, fans put two and two together (or 97 and 45) and decided the actor was dating British actress Katy Louise Saunders.

Trash trash sites like AllKpop in the west stirred the rumor.

And a rumor that, of course, could be true as even Korean actors have love lives, but why talk about a relationship until it has been confirmed. And even then… honestly, why do you care?

Soon after, fans also began talking about Song Joong Ki auditioning for a BBC drama after being encouraged to do so by his supposed-British actress girlfriend.

The actor’s agency, however, has not admitted or denied who he is dating yet so, here at Leo Sigh, we prefer not to report rumors as fact unlike websites not concerned with the truth tend to do.

His agency HighZiumStudio, however, has confirmed Song Joong Ki has recently met with a BBC representative, but were also quick to add he has not auditioned for a drama series being produced by the BBC.

They also said he is open to acting in projects overseas, but no such project has been confirmed as of yet.

In other words, sure, he might have spoken to someone from the BBC, and they might have talked about Song Joong Ki acting in a drama series for the British national broadcaster.

But, until something has been confirmed and it is announced by HighZiumStudio, you are probably best just getting on with your lives instead of spreading rumors, eh?

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