K-drama Trolley Episode 15 sees slight increase in audience ratings – 16th in its time slot nationwide

With the finale of the Korean drama Trolley heading our way tonight, it is no wonder last night’s Trolley Episode 15 saw higher audience numbers, with a slight increase in viewers from the previous episode.


Nationwide in South Korea, according to Nielsen Korea, the drama earned 4.2 percent of the audience share, placing it in 16th place for its time slot.

In Seoul, Trolley Episode 15 did even better with a 4.7 percent share, and 13th in its time slot.

Unfortunately though, the political drama never did get back to the higher audience it earned with its first episode nationwide, and with its second episode in Seoul.

With it not exactly being an uplifting drama, though, that is understandable as a sizable number of people watch dramas to be entertained and not depressed.

International audience ratings-wise Trolley currently scores a 7.8/10 on My Drama List, which is a relatively high score for that website’s participants.

Some viewers are calling it a “well-written, slow-burn drama”, while others are praising the performances of main leads Kim Hyun Joo, Park Hee Soon and Kim Mu Yeol.

Others, however, say the drama is “bleak” and hate the passive way Kim Hye Joo (played by Kim Hyun Joo) acts. Several have already dropped the series, as they just found it too depressing.

The final episode of Trolley will air in South Korea tonight, and will likely see a larger audience than Episode 15.

Outside Korea, however, Netflix is still a couple of episodes behind.


Michelle Topham